Annual Membership with Australian Bowhunting Association Inc.

The Break O’Day Field Archery Club (BODFAC) was the first Tasmanian affiliated archery club for the Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA) in 2010. Currently there are approximately 100 other clubs affiliated with ABA around Australia.

The primary role of ABA is ‘to represent bowhunters throughout Australia and develop the sport of field archery at all levels’. Therefore as an ABA affiliated Club it is mandatory that all members of BODFAC are also members of ABA.  This is no different to other sporting groups that require membership at a local club level and then an additional membership with the state or national body representing this sport.

The annual membership rates for ABA are reasonable and include individual public liability insurance, 6 Editions of Archery Action magazine, an ABA Cloth Badge which can be sewn onto a shirt, ABA Car Sticker and an information leaflet on Bowhunting and Field Archery.  As well as the peace of mind and collective knowledge of archery gained from belonging to a national body. When you initially join, it is $100 a year for an individual or $205 for a family. Each year after that the current fee is $75 for an individual and $160 for a family.

Once you are an ABA member you are covered to shoot in any club across Australia.  Great news for those going on a holiday to the mainland, you can drop in and shoot at other clubs; all you need to do is show your ABA membership card.

To take out ABA membership it is as easy as clicking on the ABA Membership Button (on the right) and it will take you to the site.

Once you have your ABA card, you need to show The Break O'Day Field Archery Club secretary your membership and then you will need to pay our club membership fee of $10 per year for an adult and $20 per year for a family.