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September 30, 2017 admin

I had an interesting conversation the other day where I was talking to someone about the joys of playing archery, when the subject of fees came up.  The comment was made ‘I have heard that it is really expensive to join an archery club’ and how much does it cost to join an archery club? I then explained to this person that in fact archery is one of the cheaper sports when it came to membership fees and sports equipment.

This conversation inspired this article, because misinformation is detrimental to people wanting to try out new sports and other endeavours.  The Break O’Day Field Archery Club (BODFAC) was the first Tasmanian archery club affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA) in 2010. Currently there are there are approximately 100 other clubs affiliated with ABA around Australia.

The primary role of ABA is ‘to represent bowhunters throughout Australia and develop the sport of field archery at all levels’. Therefor as an ABA affiliated Club it is mandatory that all members of BODFAC are also members of ABA.  This is no different to other sporting groups that require membership at a local club level and then an additional membership with the state or national body representing this sport.

BODFAC has a yearly family membership rate of $80 and singles at $40.  Normal shooting fees are $5 each or $15 for a family.  The yearly membership and shoot fees go towards the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the club grounds and the (x2) 20-lane competition ranges.  The Club has its own insurance with ABA, however, this does not cover individual archers.  As an individual, you require membership with ABA for your individual public liability.

The annual membership rates for ABA are reasonable and include individual public liability insurance, 6 Editions of Archery Action magazine, an ABA Cloth Badge which can be sewn onto a shirt, ABA Car Sticker and an information leaflet on Bowhunting and Field Archery.  As well as the peace of mind and collective knowledge of archery gained from belonging to a national body. When you initially join, it is $90 a year for an individual or $185 for a family. Each year after that the current fee is $65 for an individual and $140 for a family. To take out ABA membership it is as easy as clicking on their website https://www.bowhunters.org.au/. Once you are an ABA member you are covered to shoot in any ABA archery club across Australia.  Great news for those going on a holiday to the mainland, you can drop in and shoot at other clubs; all you need to do is show your ABA membership card.

With all sports, how much you spend on your equipment ranges from the basic to the uber expensive. At BODFAC we help you gain some experience shooting different types of bows before you purchase your own. We generally recommend that people do not buy second-hand bows unless they know the history of a bow.  Once you purchase your bow, it can be used for years.  My family are still using the same bows we purchased over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the arrows.  As a rule, you would purchase approximately 12-18 new arrows each year, for each person.  The arrows get lost in the bush or can be broken when you shoot that tree, instead of the target butt.

If you are thinking of joining a reputable, family orientated sporting group that has been here in St Helens on the East Coast of Tasmania for the last 7 years which has a permanent home with an established practise range and 2 x 20 lane competition ranges (Tiger and Devil) – come and see us at Break O’Day Field Archery Club or contact me on Facebook Break O’Day Field Archery Club Inc. or our website bodfac@iinet.com.au.   We shoot every Sunday, starting at 9am, please check our website for more details.


Brady Young


Break O’Day Field Archery Club Inc.

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