New to Archery

Archery is one of those sports that has the 'cool factor'.  Lots of people have advised us that they have always wanted to give archery a go, but didn't know how to go about it.  Luckily the saw our Club sign from the  highway and dropped on in.

At The Break O'Day Traditional Archery Club and its sister club The Break O'Day Field Archery Club we show you how to be an archer, learning correct methods of stance and firing from the beginning.

The first Sunday of each month is an ABA shoot for The Break O'Day Field Archery Club and every other Sunday is The Break O'Day Traditional Archery Club (TAA affiliated).

When you come and see us, we start with kitting you out with some equipment that suits your physical attributes (height, upper body strength, eye dominance etc.). Then we spend a little bit of time going over the following.

  • On arrival you will be shown the toilets and the emergency assembly area (Clubhouse-Bus).
  • You will be advised on the behaviours expected at the Club.
  • Any person in a camouflage shirt will not be allowed on the competition range unless they wear a high-vis vest provided by the Club.
  • You will be provided with a bow  from the Club or you may bring your own (a member of the Club Executive will check the safety and capability of this equipment). Probationary members under 18 will not be allowed to use a release aide.
  • You will be provided with a set of arrows from the Club. Before any arrows are fired a safety briefing and training will be provided.
  • Details will include information on:
    • The only time an arrow is in the bow is if the shooter is facing the range and standing at the shooting line.
    • Shooters cannot move past the shooting line and collect their arrows until the Range Captain calls ‘All Clear’.
    • Dry firing and how this can be avoided.
    • How to place an arrow in a bow.
    • How to stand and shoot correctly.
    • How to pull your arrows properly and safely.
    • For every three Probationary Members on the shooting line, one member of the Club will supervise your actions.
    • No one is to be socialising near the shooting line. Non shooters are to remove themselves closer to the Club House (bus) so that shooters are not distracted.

As you can see we are very much about the health and safety of all archers at both of our Clubs.  This is not a 'buzz kill', we have found that all people feel more confident that they will learn properly when they see how we competently and safely operate the practise and competition ranges.

Come down and see us - every Sunday at 9 am sharp.  You must arrive at this time so you can be kitted out and given training. By about 10.30 we will have you out on the competition range supported by our Club Members.