Robin Hood watch out!

January 4, 2020 admin

On the 23rd of November 2019 Brady and I (Liane) went off to Loxley Archers to participate in the Golden Arrow Tournament. This is a traditional archery contest with medieval style targets using only timber bows and arrows. Not a compound in sight!

Brady was on a mission. He was not coming home without a trophy. It was our third year running for the Golden Arrow and Brady narrowly missed out on a third place in 2018. This year he was going to pull up his big boy leggings (not green like Robin) and pull out all the stops.

The targets are very different to what we shoot here in a field course, as the targets are all very small and usually within 30 metres. Trying to shoot the picture of a knight in a replica castle window is harder than you think. Each target (there are 12) are all very different. We had targets in the tree, up a pole, a peg in the ground, a couple of swinging targets to name but a few. All very challenging but the greatest of fun. My favourite is the Popping Jay where you have to shoot up at a target high on a pole.

In the first round Brady was only doing so, so. However, after our medieval lunch feast, he hit his stride and came home strong. I don’t think anyone has been as proud to win third place as Brady was. He loves his piece of bling and it still has pride of place on the bookcase at home.

So if you want something fun to do next November then do yourself a favour and attend Loxley Archers – Golden Arrow Tournament. We will see you there.

Brady getting his congratulatory kiss!
Loxley Archers and other Golden Arrow Competitors
Ready, Aim and Fire!
Men in tights.

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