Why play sport? June 2017

September 30, 2017 admin

The Australian Sports Commission have an interesting article on ‘sport in rural and regional Australia’ that can be read in full at their website.  The three key messages are as follows:

‘ 1. Sport in rural, remote and regional communities has been shown to improve social cohesion and health outcomes.

  1. Sporting events are increasingly being used to provide an economic stimulus and raising the profiles of rural and regional communities.
  2. Historically many high-performance athletes have been developed in rural and regional communities and there are a number of programs to assist these athletes’.

In our own backyard, we have a wide range of sports that are available for the people of the Break O’Day area to participate in. For such a small area, there is a varied selection of clubs to join ranging from team sports (football, tennis, netball, basketball, cricket) to those that are individual in nature (golf, surfing, bike riding, archery).

Our own Break O’Day Field Archery Club is a Tasmanian Archery Club that is currently undergoing major expansion of premises and membership. Locals will see some more of the Club grounds as soon as I have my new tractor arriving late in June.  People should be able to see more of the club meeting area, when the front paddock is mowed down. You will notice that we like the colour blue, as it stands out and it reminds people that we are near the beach.  If anyone has any shades of blue paint we are always open for donations.  The paint maintains outside furniture so it stays looking good for longer.

What you still cannot see from the highway is our double 20-lane competition archery range that has been given a bit of a face lift recently with a new bridge and fine tuning of some of the lanes. Using the new tractor, we will be spending the next few months working on another 20-lane competition range that allows for different terrain, as this will be shooting at various angles (up or down hill) versus the other ranges which are on the flat.  The Break O’Day Archery Club is certainly equal to many of the clubs we have played at on the mainland, and we bring to the people of the area our expertise that has been gained from shooting at other clubs and dissecting their ranges to use this knowledge for our club and its members.

I would like to invite people to check us out on our Facebook page or Website and come and join us at our club grounds.  We shoot weekly now at the regular time 9am. Just drop us a line as we are a very accommodating, family friendly bunch here at The Break O’Day Field Archery Club.


Brady Young


Break O’Day Field Archery Club

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